What's Causing My Toothache?

March 13, 2015

For anyone who has ever experienced a toothache, it is nothing to consider lightly. There are multiple factors that contribute to what an individual would experience as a “toothache.” Some of these variables are related and caused by the same sources while others are side effects of certain dental conditions.

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Financing Your Dental Work: Community Fundraising

September 17, 2014

Community fundraising is a helpful tool that is designed for individuals who find themselves financially incapable of meeting immediate needs. As we conclude this series on Financing Your Dental Work, we will explore avenues for raising funds through your local community that can be used to help pay for major dental services. The focus lies on three main options that include:

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Financing Your Dental Work: Dental Membership Plans

September 8, 2014

Because major dental work can often arise unexpectedly, the cost of dental procedures can greatly impact any budget. Whether you are facing the possibility of paying for services up front or re-arranging a budget to work in a monthly payment plan, these types of expenses can catch a patient off guard.

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Financing Your Dental Work: Care Credit

August 20, 2014

At the Community Health Center we are working to provide our community with greater access to affordable options of dental care. Even with wholesale dental pricing, costs can still be more than what a patient has in their pocket after bills and expenses each month. One option to make dental care more affordable is Care Credit, a company that provides reputable lending for dental work. Care Credit is a nationally accepted form of credit financing that can be used to pay for dental, cosmetic, hearing, vision and even veterinary needs. Applying can be done online or over the phone where you will be prompted to disclose the provider or practice that you wish to seek services with.

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Dental Membership Plans: For the Socially Minded Business

June 4, 2014

For some businesses, offering dental coverage can be more of a dream instead of a reality. The value of access to dental care often has to be viewed through the lense of a budget and neglects the incredible intrinsic and economic value gained by people who make up a business's workforce. In addition, dental coverage regularly takes a back-seat to healthcare benefits when employers are faced with the choice of what they can afford to provide.

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Dental Membership Plans: Access to Affordable Dental Care

May 29, 2014

If you are currently uninsured when it comes to dental care, or your employer is dropping your coverage because of price increases brought on by the Affordable Care Act, you will definitely understand the importance and need for an affordable dental care option.

The Community Health Center (CHC) is a nonprofit organization which has been serving the uninsured in the West Metro Atlanta area for 8 years now. We have been working hard all these years, seeking to tackle this predicament of declining access to care that faces so many individuals in our local communities.

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GA Medicaid Dental - What and Who it Covers

May 16, 2014

This blog post is the 2nd post in the series "Treatment Options for Impacted Wisdom Teeth for GA Medicaid Members." While the content provided will be informative to anyone who reads it, the focus will be specifically for the benefit of GA Medicaid members. I encourage you to catch up on the first post in this series titled "Impacted Wisdom Teeth: What are they and Should they be Extracted."


Medicaid is a government health insurance program designed to provide healthcare services to low-income Americans. The money used to fund the program comes from both federal and state governments. Guidelines for coverage are set by the federal government but the program is managed at the state level. In Georgia, the program is managed by the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH).

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5 Low-cost Dental Coverage Options for Seniors

March 13, 2014


First, the bad news:

Dental care for seniors can be pricey. Challenges like loose teeth, old fillings, dentures and the natural aging process may mean sizeable dentists’ bills. For older adults on fixed incomes, proper preventive care is often cost-prohibitive.

Now, the good news:

Today, there are more affordable options than ever. Seniors in the market for dental care can now get high-quality, low cost treatment from a diverse array of providers.

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