Are Your Routine Medications Causing Unknown Problems For Your Teeth?

March 25, 2015

40% of people take at least one type of medication that can damage their teeth, according to the professionals at the Better Health Channel. This staggering statistic becomes ever more significant when the majority are unaware that the medication they take can be responsible for dental problems that they are currently experiencing or the possibility of future problems. Observe the following and consider whether these may relate to symptoms you have been experiencing.

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What's Causing My Toothache?

March 13, 2015

For anyone who has ever experienced a toothache, it is nothing to consider lightly. There are multiple factors that contribute to what an individual would experience as a “toothache.” Some of these variables are related and caused by the same sources while others are side effects of certain dental conditions.

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Avoiding Bad Breath By Improving Oral Health

February 3, 2015

Halitosis, or more commonly known as “bad breath” is a condition that many can fall victim to depending on their oral health status. With multiple factors coming into play and affecting how our breath smells, it’s good to know how you can proactively avoid an “awkward breath” situation. With how healthy your mouth is in regards to the teeth, the gums, the tongue, and saliva production, the solution to bad breath can be found in preventative care and treatment options.

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Dental Denial: How Fear Pushes Us to Pain

January 28, 2015

“20% of Americans experience enough anxiety that they will go to the dentist only when absolutely necessary,” explains Dr. Peter Milgrom, DDS from the Dental Fears Research Clinic at the University of Washington in Seattle. This equates to 1 in every 5 people who struggle with an intrinsic fear of going to the dentist. Unfortunately, dental care is something that everyone requires to maintain the health of their teeth.

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3 Steps to Ensure a Bright Smile This New Year

January 7, 2015

It is officially 2015 which means the beginning of a new year and new resolutions. Gyms are over crowded, and the produce section in your local grocery store always seems to be picked over. All are signs of resolution as society sets goals to lose weight, exercise more, and eat better. However, what if one aspect of health is being neglected? Oral health is extremely important to the body’s overall health and is simple to maintain each day. Just as a person would schedule a daily workout or consciously choose to eat better during meals, caring for and maintaining your oral health can be routinely exercised each day. There are three important aspects to consider this new year.

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Cheers to 2015: Choosing Alcoholic Beverages in Light of Your Oral Health

December 31, 2014

In the Unites States it is traditional to enjoy New Years Eve with friends and family. This is a night to reminisce on the accomplishments and closing of one year, while simultaneously anticipating the beginnings of a new chapter in life. For adults it is custom to accommodate this time of celebration with a range of alcoholic beverages from beer and wine, to spirits, cocktails and champagne. No matter the type of drink you fancy, your oral health can be affected by consuming multiple drinks in this short amount of time. In order to keep your options open and celebrations delightful, here are some tips that can serve to guide you in choosing beverages that will keep your teeth healthy and pearly white!

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Ouch! What to Do When You Have Sensitive Teeth

December 26, 2014

Even though winter is upon us, and most of the country is trying its best to stay away from just about anything cold, hordes of ice cream lovers across the nation show no concern for the temperature outside when it comes to indulging in their favorite treats. From the mildly chilly winter of southern Florida, to the deep freeze of Alaska, you don't have to look far to find an American enjoying an icy treat even in December. Nor is there much of a search needed to find a person who has to dance around that ice cream cone because they've got sensitive teeth. Want to avoid a similar predicament, or reduce sensitivity if you're one of the unlucky millions? Here's how ...

According to research, a staggering one out of every two people in the world suffer from what is known as “sensitive teeth.” In dental circles, the condition is referred to as “dentin hypersensitivity,” and its symptoms are triggered when the exposed areas of our teeth become subject to pressure, or come in contact with cold or hot food and beverages. For some, even a cool winter breeze when smiling can cause pain. Fortunately it can be treated in a number of ways, and it can also be avoided with good dental care.

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Home Teeth Whitening Remedies: What You Should Know

December 19, 2014

These days, it seems like whitening products are everywhere. It doesn’t take more than a trip to your local supermarket to encounter a dizzying variety of trays, gels, strips or toothpastes designed to take your teeth from their current state to one of fantastic luminescence. So what is a good consumer to make of it all, and should you trust all the home remedies we read about online and see on television? Here’s what you need to know when considering whitening your teeth at home.

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Are Your Brushing Habits Wearing Away Your Tooth Enamel?

December 12, 2014

Back’n’forth, back’n’forth – scrub, scrub, scrub! Get those teeth clean! Yes, get them clean … but, if your method of brushing more resembles a lumberjack sawing trees in half than it does a gentle cleansing of your teeth, you might be setting yourself up for a lifetime of sensitive teeth, bonding treatments and receding gums. Here's more detail on this and three more common mistakes people make while brushing:

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Healthy, Fun, and Practical Holiday Gift Ideas

December 5, 2014

With the holiday season descending upon us, the race is on to find that one meaningful gift that’ll surprise your loved one and let them know you care. And since good ideas are hard to come by, we decided to ease the pain a little and put together a few ideas! Each gift has the recipient’s health in mind, and is so universal that anyone on your list can appreciate them. Ready to get pickin’? Here we go!

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